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HT9A7 SMBT by SixthCircle HT9A7 SMBT by SixthCircle
Now this, this is fun.

The HT9A7 SMBT (Secondary/Support Main Battle Tank) is a tank based off the gun-launcher tanks of the 1960s and 70s, such as M60A2 or MBT-70, and is basically designed to capitalise on Anemonian armoured doctrine and make it as potent as possible. The Anemonian armoured platoon consists of five tanks, with two mobile groups of two tanks and a single tank for support duties. SMBT is designed to take over the role of that 'fifth' tank, and as such, is optimised for three things, all support duties; killing tanks at long range, lobbing large HEDP shells and the ability to engage helicopters (to some extent).

And it can do what it's designed to do. Long shell casings and a 150mm+ gun launcher mean it can launch big rounds and missiles with big warheads. And the armoured 20mm cannon remote weapons system gives it the capacity to engage aircraft; stick one of these on the end of every tank platoon, and suddenly, things begin to hurt a lot more for the enemy opposite.

The gun is still relatively long barrelled to make sure it can still fire APFSDS shells if it *needs* to, but it's not normally loaded up with them.
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TheElevatedDeviant Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
Gun-Launcher tanks best tanks. The Soviets knew this.
TheMuffinKingXxX Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
WHat kind of combat longevity does it have? Ammo capacity is a serious concern with a vehicle like this. I like the design, but what is up with the side of the turret? Is that anothe turret or an extension of the main one? I really like how this looks and would love to see more! Keep up the good work!
SixthCircle Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Well, insofar as you don't fire a GLATGM at everything, the idea is that it should last about as long as an HT9A7 on the battlefield. It has less ammunition, but in a way, less targets. As for the side of the turret, that's an extension of sorts; since there's a massive 20mm cannon up top, it houses the APS radar, laser and IR detectors, the electro-optical countermeasures box and the vision blocks.

And thanks! I had this idea a while ago, dropped it, then came back when I accidentally drew the turret out and really liked it - I'm glad somebody else does.
TheMuffinKingXxX Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2012
I see, that makes sense. Cool stuff, keep it coming!
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